My Kind Of Birthday

I don’t like big, center-of-attention, birthday parties. I don’t like having my birthday ignored, either. I like a small celebration with a few friends. (I love celebrating birthdays with Writers’ Group.)

Today, my birthday was perfect.

I got up this morning and responded to about 20 birthday greetings on Facebook. Then Phillip gave me a metal wrist cuff with the London Tube map printed on it. (He knows that I’m a transit geek who loves maps.)

I had lunch today with Phillip and Colin at Jalisco, in Lake City. Colin gave me a pineapple upside-down cake with those trick candles that you can’t blow out. (He’d asked Phillip what my favorite cake is.) He also gave me a birthday card.

The waitress at Jalisco brought us extra plates and silverware for  my cake. She also gave me a piece of flan. We gave her a slice of my cake.

After lunch, the three of us walked across the street to the new location of Animal Talk. (It was located in Roosevelt for years. It’s where Phillip found Gladden T Hart, and where a lot of our sugar glider supplies came from.)

After visiting with Missy and the animals for a while, Colin said good-bye, and Phillip and I drove over to Walgreens. The pharmacy was open, and Phillip bought his decongestants.

It’s been a good day.

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