Thinking In Reverse

I moved to a new desk today. It wasn’t because I got the new position I applied for. (There is no news on that, yet.) But this is still good news. It was almost like a belated birthday present.

When the company moved Downtown, my teammates and I were assigned cubicles in a lineal pattern, rather than a circular one. My desk was the next-to-farthest away from the center of the group. Now, with our temp worker gone, two of my coworkers gone, and two more teammates working in remote locations, my desk has been rather isolated.

I’ve been referring to my desk as “Outer Mongolia”. Coworkers have called it “Siberia”, “Pluto”, or (my favorite) “Narnia”.

But that has changed. This morning, I was moved to a cubicle more or less in the center of things. As an added bonus, my cubicle is no longer adjacent to the main aisle. It’s one cubicle back. There are fewer distractions and a little more privacy.

As an extra added bonus, if I turn my chair around, I have an unobstructed view of the windows.

The only downside – and it’s not much of a downside – is that, while I used to be in a right-side cubicle, I’m now in a left-side cubicle. Everything is reversed, except for my computer monitors. I’ve been catching myself, all day, doing things like starting to throw something away with my right hand, remembering, just in time, that my trash can is now on the left. I’ve reached over to the left for a desk drawer that’s on the right.

It doesn’t take much to make me happy, and improved seating will do it.

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