Waiting For The Alarm

This happens to me a lot, and I’d love to know why: I suddenly wake up. I realize that it’s morning, and I think I may have slept through the alarm (or that the alarm didn’t go off). I look at the clock. It’s a short time (typically 10 to 20 minutes) before the alarm will sound. I lie awake in bed, waiting for the alarm. Suddenly, the alarm wakes me up from a sound sleep, and I don’t remember having fallen asleep.

That happened to me yesterday morning. I got out of bed, but I felt very sleepy – like I hadn’t slept much. Phillip hadn’t been feeling well the night before, but he went to work. I went to work, too.

In the middle of the morning, Phillip sent me an email. He was going home sick.

Not long after Phillip’s email, I realized that I wasn’t feeling well, either. I was still sleepy, I had a slight headache, and my throat was sore.

I hoped that our manager hadn’t noticed me yawning in the back row of the group meeting. After the meeting, I sent Phillip a text message: Can we skip Martin’s show that evening? Phillip seemed to understand that I wasn’t feeling well, because his reply said that he’d let Martin know.

I put in a full eight hours at work. When I got home, Phillip was getting up from a nap. I took a nap.

Phillip woke me up at seven. We ordered take-out from Pinto Bistro, and we watched Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince. Then I went to bed.

It’s Thursday morning (an unusual time for me to be writing a blog post) and we’re both getting ready for work.

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