Once Around

I should have called in sick yesterday, but I didn’t. Maybe it was a warped sense of loyalty. Maybe I consider it bad form to take a sick day before a vacation day.

I got up at 7:30-ish this morning, even though I had the day off – even though Phillip and I didn’t need to catch the 8 bus until 11:08.

I wasn’t feeling great. I had a slight headache. My throat was scratchy. My stomach was vaguely upset – I felt like if I were to eat anything, it would go right through me. I was fatigued, and slightly dizzy.

But I wanted to go to Hempfest with Phillip and Colin today. I missed going with them two years in a row.

I did enjoy Hempfest today. I didn’t have the energy to really get into it, but I had a fun time. I even ate some food, and it didn’t upset my stomach.

Phillip and Colin went on The Seattle Great Wheel one Hempfest without me, and they wanted to take me on it this year.

I didn’t think the height would bother me too much. The cars are enclosed. I imagined it would be like looking out the window of an airplane, or looking down at the street from my office window – neither of which bother me at all. There is a complicated set of circumstances which determines whether height scares me or not, and I haven’t figured it out completely. I think it has something to do with feeling like I could fall.

Generally, Ferris wheels scare me more than roller coasters. Ferris wheels stop, and give me time to think about how high up I am. Ferris wheel cars rock, and make me think they’re going to throw me out. Every Ferris wheel car I’d ever been on had been open, and The Seattle Great Wheel cars are enclosed – that should make a difference.

I made it barely half-way to the top of the wheel when I realized I wasn’t going to handle it. Colin encouraged me to push the red button. Of course, they couldn’t back the wheel up, so I’d have to go all the way around before they could let me off. Phillip had me keep my eyes closed. Colin had me do yoga breathing.

I wanted Phillip and Colin to continue with their two more revolutions after I got out, but they got out with me.

I think what did it was when we all moved to the same side of the car for a selfie, and the car started rocking as I changed seats. I think what contributed to it was my general feeling of dizziness today.

Collin took a cab back to his car on Queen Anne Hill. Phillip and I browsed through Ye Olde Curiosity Shop, and then bused it back home.

I went to bed as soon as we got home.

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