Down In The Tunnel

Down in the transit tunnel, at the Westlake Station platform, it’s pretty much a sure bet that the folks with huge suitcases are waiting for a Link train to the airport. I’m glad to see our light rail so well used. There are people with enormous backpacks, too. Most of the time, I see them board Link, but sometimes they get on a bus. Only the bus backpackers know where they’re going – with Metro’s system the way it is, they can’t be going far. I’m guessing the backpack folks are on their way to some urban camping.

Then there are the folks waiting for the 550 (Sound Transit’s Seattle-to-Bellevue route). They’re easy to recognize. They cluster in a bunch around the signpost, close to the yellow platform strip. I rarely see anyone move away from the back wall when the 550 arrives.

I’ve often wondered why the 550 riders cling to the signpost like that. I know it’s not the case, but they look as if they’re afraid of their surrounding. Is it just because the 550 arrives in the station not long after I do, and I don’t notice that herding behavior in the riders of other routes?

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