107 Pairs Of Socks

Phillip and I drove across the I-90 floating bridge for a rare visit to Downtown Bellevue. We met up with Adrienne at the Bellevue Arts Museum. We’d gone there specifically to see the origami exhibit, but we toured the whole museum.

I had a great time, despite the initial frustration of trying to get to the museum, which was surrounded by construction.

I’m not a fan of shopping malls, and Downtown Bellevue reminded me of a giant shopping mall today – an engineered suburban environment with a pedestrian corridor surrounded by parking lots.

After the museum, Adrienne went home, and Phillip and I had lunch at the Red Robin in the Bellevue Square shopping mall.

On our way back to Seattle, we had our car washed by the Bellevue High School water polo team.

Phillip’s office had put on a sock drive for Union Gospel Mission. We were driving around with 75 pairs of socks in the trunk, which we’d planned on dropping off today. Phillip also had a donation of $97 to buy more socks. So, before dropping off the socks, he had to go shopping.

At first, we’d decided on socks shopping at the Target in Northgate. Then, we decided that, since the drop-off place was in Downtown Seattle, the Fred Meyer in Ballard might be a better choice – closer, and not so much freeway driving.

I knew traffic around Seattle would be bad today, with the four-day closure of Highway 99 underway. And traffic was at a standstill merging from I-90 to I-5. So I exited at Safeco Field instead, and got onto northbound 4th Avenue, through Downtown.

4th Avenue was crawling all the way to Westlake, but really not too bad.

When we got to Fred Meyer, Phillip went to the Customer Service desk and asked to have someone show him the best deals on socks. It was a brilliant move that I wouldn’t have thought of.

And, indeed, the sales person knew that among the 10-packs of socks for $8.99, there were also 11-packs of socks for $8.99. He found us seven 11-packs, and we added three 10-packs, for a total of 107 pairs of socks. Added to the 75 pairs in the trunk, he had 182 pairs of socks to deliver.

Phillip read the address of the drop-off spot. It was on 2nd Avenue Extension – which meant it was close to King Street Station, which meant I’d be having to drive through Downtown again.

I drove 2nd Avenue all the way north through Belltown and Downtown. There was hardly any traffic at all.

It turned out that the drop-off spot was Union Gospel Mission.

After the drop-off, I circled back onto southbound 4th Avenue. There was hardly any traffic. What a difference an hour makes.

I showed Phillip the route I took both times I drove a car2go home from work. From 4th Avenue, I turned up Marion Street, then up 6th Avenue, then onto Olive, merging into Howell, merging into Eastlake, then up Lakeview to Capitol Hill. I explained that it avoids the traffic on Pike Street, as well as the traffic on Madison Street, and the traffic on Broadway. Phillip said that he never would have thought of going that route. I guess we both learned something today.

I did a lot of driving today. I spent the rest of the day relaxing.

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