Things That End

As I was getting ready to leave this morning, I picked up the camera. Then I remembered that I’d taken the 800th photo yesterday. I’ve declared that other blog finished. I went to work without a camera today.

Phillip and I  had originally agreed to watch two of the final three episodes of Max Headroom last night, and then save the final episode for later. The DVDs were due back at the library tomorrow, and I’d renewed them twice. I was prepared to pay an overdue fine, if necessary. But, after the second episode, Phillip wanted to watch the last episode, so we did.

So, on my way to work this morning, I dropped Max Headroom off at the library. This gave me a reason to catch the 60 this morning. I exited at Summit & Madison, and transferred to the 12 to Downtown.

The 60/12, or the 60/walk are not bad options, but the 43 and the 47 are both much more convenient, with a lot more options at Westlake.

I found reading on the ride home to be easier today , since I wasn’t on the lookout for potential photos.

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