My Bus Stop Friend

There are small birds that hang around the green space next to the bus stop in the morning. I think they’re either finches or Juncos. They’re the same type of birds we’d see in the p-patch.

I looked up from my book this morning, while waiting for the bus, and saw one of those birds standing on the tree stump a couple of feet away from me. I don’t usually see them that still, that out in the open. It seemed to be watching me, but I’m sure I was imagining that.

I returned to my book.

I saw some movement in my peripheral vision. I moved my book and saw that bird walking around on the sidewalk, inches from my feet. It seemed to be purposely keeping close to me.

Do I look like some who would feed birds on my way to work?

Sorry, little bird, but I had no food with me.

(As I was writing this post, I suddenly remembered that the woman in the 3rd Avenue Top Pot this morning was wearing a bird skull necklace – an actual bird skull on a chain.)

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