Cross-Town Adventures

Phillip and I left for work together, early, Friday morning. Phillip drove us to his office, stopping at QFC along the way.

We got to Phillip’s office. He went upstairs to change clothes. I showed Vlad how to take videos with our camera.

Phillip came downstairs with a bucket of ice. We filled the rest of the bucket with cold water. Then Phillip, Vlad, and I went out to the courtyard.

With Vlad filming, and a security guard cheering us on, I dumped a bucket of ice water on Phillip for the ALS challenge.

Then I rode an employee shuttle to the medical center, and walked to my U District office from there.

Elena and I had plans to meet for lunch Downtown. I told her I’d be done in the U District by 10:30. A lot of work showed up at the last minute. I was still working at 11:15, and there was still about a half-hour’s worth of work to do, so I left the remainder for my coworker, with an apologetic note, to finish on Tuesday.

I walked to the medical center, rode an employee shuttle to First Hill, and rode a 3 bus to Downtown.

Elena and I had a nice, but too short, lunch together.

Friday morning tired me out. Maybe it was the stress of keeping an eye on the clock while I dumped ice water on Phillip, or maybe it was the stress of running late for lunch. I was wiped out for the rest of the afternoon.

At the end of the day, I rode a 36 bus to Pike Street, and I had this conversation:

Girl sitting near me: “Why are those people dressed like that?”

Boy sitting next to the girl: “There’s a gaming convention at the convention place.”

Girl: “A what?”

Boy: “A gaming convention.”

The guy across the aisle made eye contact with me. He had a look as if I could clarify it for him.

I said to the guy: “Pax.”

The boy nodded his head in agreement.

Guy: “What’s that?”

Me: “A gaming convention.”

Guy: “Oh.”

Last night, Phillip posted the video to Facebook. He had a list of people he was going to nominate to do the challenge. But then he suddenly did something even better. He explained what ALS is, and how important it is that research is funded, and encouraged anyone who wants to take the challenge to donate. I was impressed.

Within minutes of posting his video, one of the people Phillip had considered nominating posted her own ice bucket video.

Phillip and I ordered a pizza from Zeeks. We watched Casino Royale, and I went to bed, and fell asleep immediately.

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