What Did We Do Yesterday?

That’s what Phillip said this morning: “What did we do yesterday?”

What we did yesterday was drive up to Everett and spent a great day with Brian. (Kathi had to work.) The three of us went to lunch at Bob’s Burgers & Brew. Then we returned to Brian’s (and Kathi’s) place for an afternoon of board games and conversation.

First, we played two hands of Yahtzee. Then we spent about a half hour setting up the Star Trek Catan board, then another half-hour reading the instructions, ultimately agreeing that the rules were too difficult to follow, and putting the game away. (We also agreed that if Kathi were there, she’d explain the rules of game easily.) So then we played two rounds of Dungeon! (Like a board game version of Dungeons & Dragons.)

Dungeon! is one of Brian’s favorite games, he told us, and Phillip and I both enjoyed it a lot.

Yesterday was a fun, relaxed day with a good friend.

Today was laundry day.

I woke up this morning feeling lousy. My throat was scratchy. My head hurt. I felt like I needed more sleep. I looked at the clock. It was nearly 11:30. We’re usually back from the laundromat by that time.

I got up. Phillip was in the living room, reading. He told me he’d been up for only twenty minutes or so. I asked if he wanted to try to get laundry done. I said we could, but his back was hurting. I suggested we skip it today, since I was feeling ill.

That’s when Phillip asked what we did yesterday. As far as I can tell, nothing that should make us feel the way we did.

We did nothing productive today.


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