Better And Worse

I woke up feeling better today. Not completely recovered, but better than yesterday.

Phillip woke up feeling worse – a whole lot worse. As in, a trip to Urgent Care. He took his last muscle relaxant yesterday. Today, I had to help him get dressed, and I had to help him in and out of the car.

It was interesting, to me, to hear the (female) Physician’s Assistant recommend yoga for help with Phillip’s back pain, assuring him that “yoga isn’t just for women”.

Phillip got a new prescription and a referral to Physical Therapy.

We didn’t go to the laundromat today.

I washed some dishes, and otherwise took it easy.

The PA also recommended that Phillip do some walking, so this afternoon, we took a walk up and down Summit Avenue, stopping off at Top Pot for an iced latte (for me) and a Chai Latte (for Phillip).

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