Mayhem And Destruction?

I started work an hour early today, and I left an hour early, per yesterday’s request from my supervisor.

I left home less than an hour earlier than normal – allowing myself less time to get to work. (It was tough getting ready for work that early.)

While I was waiting at the bus stop, reading my eBook, two strangers, at two different times, both walking dogs, greeted me as they passed by. That never happens when I’m waiting at my usual time. (I wasn’t the only one waiting at the stop. I’m guessing a book in my hand made me look friendlier.)

I got to the Westlake Station platform just as the recording was announcing: “The next train, southbound, will be arriving in two minutes.” I got to work on time.

Today, like yesterday, recorded announcements in the transit tunnel warned of possible delays, because of the Seahawks game.

Yesterday, the office was quiet. Today, it was silent. There were very few coworkers brave enough to face the potential end of civilization this afternoon could bring.

My trio of city dwelling coworkers decided that we were being rather smug about the situation. We agreed that either our smugness would be vindicated, and we’d have a normal commute home – or we’d feel stupid as we’re trapped for three hours in buses amid the mayhem and destruction.

Every once in a while, we’d peek out of the office windows to see if the city was acting normally. Each time, things looked normal.

The car2go map showed a high number of cars2go parked around the stadium, and in the International District. I was hoping that since I was leaving early, there would be some cars2go near my office – but, no such luck.

Aside from the unusual number of pedestrians walking south, my commute home was normal. I saw a normal amount of traffic. A 47 appeared as I was checking OneBusAway. We got out of Downtown in the normal amount of time.

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