Sign Of The End

As we were driving to the laundromat this morning, Phillip noticed that the bus stop shelter at Bellevue and Republican – a stop serving only route 47 – is gone. It’s really happening. The 47, formerly the 14, formerly one of Seattle’s original streetcar routes, is being discontinued in a couple of weeks. It’s sad.

Waiting for my laundry to be done, I was reading about all the delightful people John Waters met while hitchhiking across the country, when a woman on the other bench, apropos of nothing, told me that she’d bought herself a present. She proudly showed me her big book of New York Times Sunday crosswords. We chatted for a while about crossword puzzles. Then she apologized for disturbing my reading. I said it was quite all right. Then I returned to my reading.

A moment later, she asked: “How can you see anything on that?”

I handed her my Kobo Mini, and she realized that it’s really about the size of a paperback book. We talked for a long time about my eReader, and I became a spokesperson for the Kobo Mini. She’s currently reading Moby Dick, from Project Gutenberg, on her laptop. We talked for a while about Moby Dick (a book I’ve only partly read) and about what a great help it is for solving crossword puzzles.

It was a pleasant chat with a stranger, and a good trip to the laundromat.

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