A Meeting At Noon

I logged into my computer at work and was greeted by a meeting request, at noon, to discuss the position I’d applied for. It would be a one-on-one meeting with the person I’d interviewed with one-on-one.

I’d promised my friend Kelly that when I hear anything about the job, she’d be the third or fourth person to find out. I sent an email to Phillip, letting him know about the meeting. Then I sent a Facebook message to Kelly. Then I sent a text message to Elena.

I’d pretty much made up my mind that I was going to turn down the offer, if I were offered the job. But I was open to the idea that I could be persuaded to take it. Then there was the coward in me that wanted them to give the job to someone else, so I wouldn’t have to face the decision.

There was something about the inclusion of the word “discuss” that made me think I was being rejected. I wanted the chance to turn the job down – or accept it.

I’d rehearsed my rejection speech: “I’m flattered that you feel that I am a good fit for the job, but I don’t feel that the job is a good fit for me.”

It was a long morning.

The meeting began. The position is going to someone else. Instantly, I felt relieved. I felt lighter. I realized it was the right outcome.

The meeting got better. I’d scored surprisingly well (surprising to me, anyway) on the Excel proficiency test, despite having had no clue what a PivotTable is. My score was on the borderline between “intermediate” and “advanced”. (I’ve had no formal training on Excel, and don’t use it on a regular basis.)

The meeting got even better. I was told that one of the side projects I’m currently working on for another group will soon become a permanent part of my job. It will mean extra duties, with a job reclassification, and a raise in pay.

(I wondered, later, if the planned change in my job duties had anything to do with the decision.)

After the meeting, I sent a simultaneous text message to Phillip, Elena, and Kelly, outlining the meeting.

After I’d received replies from all three, I posted a message on Facebook.

My Facebook  post concluded with: “Rejection feels good right now.”

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