Watching The Phone Boot

My Downtown desk was moved on August 11, to be closer with the rest of my group. Today, my desk telephone was moved. I’ve been without a phone for nearly a month. I haven’t missed it. Since my office moved Downtown last January, I’ve received maybe three phone calls, and those have been wrong numbers. I’m serious when I say that it’s theoretically possible for me to go through an entire work day without speaking to anyone.

The IT person plugged in my phone today, and right before he left, he told me, “It’ll take just a couple of minutes for your phone to boot up, and you’ll be good to go.”

“Boot up?” I thought to myself. I watched the progress bar on the phone’s display fill up. Then I watched lines of code flash across the screen. I’d never seen a telephone boot up before. I’d never known a telephone could boot up.

Technology is fascinating and mysterious.

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