In Bed With Cthulhu

Yesterday, after I gave Phillip his pain meds, and got him off to work, I called in sick and went back to bed.

It was the perfect opportunity to spend a day playing Kerbal Space Program. (I’ve been on a rover-designing kick lately. I’ve also recently discovered the Sepratron I, and have been having fun experimenting with booster layouts.) But I didn’t spend the day playing KSP.

I stayed in bed, alternately sleeping and finishing reading The Call of Cthulhu, by H.P. Lovecraft. It was, until yesterday, one of those stories I knew of, but I had never read. I enjoyed it, and am interested in reading more Cthulhu tales.

I got out of bed right after Phillip called, in mid-afternoon, to let me know his meeting got out early, and to ask if I wanted anything from the grocery store.

I probably should have called in sick today, too.

I woke up sometime before the alarm sounded this morning, feeling disoriented. I couldn’t figure out what day it was, what I’d done yesterday, or how or when I’d gone to bed. While I was trying to answer those questions, I fell back asleep. Then the alarm woke me up.

Today was “Friday in the U District” for me. Somehow, I just didn’t feel like riding the 43. (I really was sick.) Instead, I invited myself to ride with Phillip to his office. From there, I took the employee shuttle to the medical center, and then walked to my U District office.

After I started working, I realized that I had not eaten anything all day yesterday. I took a break, walked to the medical center cafeteria, and got some scrambled eggs and hash browns to go. I ate it at my desk as I worked. (Phillip bought me a doughnut on our way to his office, but I needed actual food.)

When the U District work was done, I logged off of the computer and realized that I’d forgotten to check OneBusAway. So, I walked to the nearest bus stop and checked OneBusAway from my phone. I was thrilled to see that a 25 bus would be arriving in 4 minutes.

I’ve written before that I love route 25. It’s one of the few slow, scenic Metro routes remaining. It’s one of my big gripes about Metro Transit these days. It seems to think that all bus routes should be short and fast. I see it as sacrificing service for the sake of schedule. Routes are chopped up, shortened, and stops are eliminated, so the buses can keep on schedule. So now, a direct 2-mile commute means transferring buses in the middle. Express buses are good, but there is a need for slower routes.

Besides, the 25 is the only way for me to get from my U District office to my Downtown office without a transfer, and without a walk of more than three blocks.

The 25 arrived right on schedule. I took a seat in the back and continued reading The Jesus Incident, by Frank Herbert and Bill Ransom. Then I decided that I was more in the mood to watch the scenery. I rarely get to ride the 25.

I’ve been reading for a very long time that the 25 is one of Metro’s “low ridership” routes, and will eventually be eliminated. I was surprised today at the lack of “Route Discontinued” announcements on the 25’s bus top signs – like the announcements I see on the 47. I was certain that the 25 would be included in the upcoming round of budget cutbacks.

At lunch today, I checked Metro’s web site. The 25 is not being eliminated. It is, however, being changed from a once-an-hour all day route to a peak-hours-only route. That actually made me happy. It makes sense. The 25 serves a need. It’s the only route serving the Montlake and Lakeview neighborhoods. It’s not going to be there for me on Fridays in the U District, but it’s not going away – yet.

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