Great Character Name

I’m currently reading The Jesus Incident, by Frank Herbert and Bill Ransom. It’s one of the four free eBooks I got at ComiCon. I’m having a hard time getting into it, but I keep pushing my way through it. (I find it rather slow-paced.)

At first, I thought the co-author wasn’t that Frank Herbert – the author of Dune – but rather someone with the same name. I thought that the author of Dune had died years ago.

I did some research, of course. Frank Herbert, the author of Dune, died in 1986. The Jesus Incident was published in 1979. It was co-written by that Frank Herbert.

Frank Herbert lived in the Puget Sound region. I bring this up because there is a character in The Jesus Incident named Winslow Ferry. I think that’s a terrific character name. It’s believable, and it also has a hidden reference¹ for residents of Puget Sound. (I brought this up at Writers’ Group, and it took a couple of member a moment or two to get it.)

While I was still in awe of the name Winslow Ferry, another character showed up, named Edmond Kingston². It didn’t wow me as much, but I still thought it was clever.

The 47 to Downtown was ten minutes late this morning. That is a very rare occurrence on this short route. This is why I allow myself plenty of time to get to work, and why I am never late. There is always the element of surprise, no matter how you commute. The driver handled the situation brilliantly. She let us know that she was actually on time (she said it in a humorous way that didn’t sound at all defensive). She was actually the bus behind the one we were waiting for.

The driver explained that two 47 drivers didn’t show up this morning. The supervisors made a last-minute decision to skip the first run and send her, a backup driver, on the second run. She let us all know that she hadn’t driven the route since a time when it was the 14. She kept letting us know that she will “get us there”. And she did.

This is why I usually wait for the Link train in the tunnel: It’s easy to get on and off, even when there are many tourists with suitcases. There are no lines of people waiting to pay their fare on the bus, and there’s no waiting for the line of people exiting the bus. The aisles are roomier. It’s a more comfortable ride. Plus, I don’t have to walk up to the front of the tunnel platform  – which works out better for me, since the escalators up to work at Pioneer Square Station are at the back of the platform.

This morning, though, because the 47 arrived later than normal, I rode a 41 bus from Westlake to Pioneer Square, rather than wait for the train.

I got to work with time to spare.

¹There is a Washington State Ferries route which runs between Seattle and the town of Winslow, on Bainbridge Island. At the Seattle ferry dock, it’s referred to as the Winslow ferry.

²There is a Washington State Ferries route which runs between the towns of Edmonds and Kingston.

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