Half A Headphone

The left speaker on my ear buds cut out again. Actually, they cut out yesterday. I’ve been making do with the ear buds I bought to replace them.

Longtime readers of this blog may remember this story. Last July, the left side of my ear buds suddenly stop working. Phillip, bless his heart, made a lunchtime run to the Apple Store to find me a replacement, only to find they no longer carry them. (I have a third generation iPod Shuffle – the kind with the controls built into the ear bud cord.) I went shopping in other stores for these specific style of headphones, only to discover they have become a rare item.

I found the ear buds on Amazon. Before they arrived, however, my old ear buds started working again. The new ear buds arrived, and I discovered that they had hard ear buds that don’t quite fit into my ears. I kept them as a backup, and have been using the old, soft ear buds ever since.

For two days now, I’ve been grabbing ear buds as they’ve been popping out of my ears. I’ve been working with one hand trying to find a good enough position for those hard ear buds. I’ve switched back to the old ones for Kerbal Space Program videos, where having bilateral hearing isn’t so important.

This evening, I’ve accepted my losses and have ordered a new set of ear buds from Amazon. They’re scheduled to arrive on Tuesday.

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