Five Kinds Of Butter Beer

We went to Brian’s birthday party, in Everett, today. It was billed as a “Butter Beer Tasting”. The theme was wizards and witches. It was a load of fun.

Phillip and I re-used our Hogwarts costumes from Colin and Samuel’s party. I wore my Hufflepuff cap and scarf, and Phillip dressed in Ravenclaw colors.

There were five kinds of butter beer to sample. They all came from recipes found on the internet. They ranged from complicated mix-your-own concoctions to simple pour-from-a-pitcher beverages. Butterscotch and whipped cream were common ingredients. Some were served hot, some were served cold. None of it was alcoholic.

Does anyone really know what butter beer is?

There was a ton of food: chili dogs. Greek pizza, Greek salad, egg salad, handmade scones with farm-grown honey.

All of this took a back seat to the company. It was a great group of friends on a relaxing Sunday afternoon.

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