New Set Of Ears

For me, the first squeeze of toothpaste from a new tube tastes amazing – like it’s the most flavorful toothpaste I’ve ever used. And I know that the rest of the tube will never taste as good.

That’s how I felt when I stuck the new headphones in my ears this afternoon and turned on my iPod. “Word Problems”, by deadmau5, sounded like I’d never heard it sound before.

The timing of the delivery was perfect, too. I checked on the delivery status before I left First Hill. The package had arrived. I’d found an Amazon Locker fairly close to my office, Downtown. It was only a slight detour on my walk down First Hill to Downtown.

I opened the package at my desk. The new ear buds are soft, and fit into my ear nicely. (It came with two other sizes of ear bud covers, too.) The iPod Shuffle controls work as they should. (They’re a bit higher up on the cord than I’d like, but – oh, well.)

I threw the old, only-one-side-working ear bud headphones away. I’m not sure what to do with the hard ear bud headphones. They work fine, but I just can’t wear them. Maybe I’ll give them to a charity, or maybe I’ll leave them in our apartment building’s “free stuff” pile.

I had lunch at the medical center cafeteria again, today: tandoori chicken, rice pilaf, and a can of Peace Tea. I love living in such a cultural melting pot as Seattle.

It’s finally rainy and overcast. Maybe now I can get a good night’s sleep.

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