The first round of service cuts to King County Metro Transit happen tomorrow. I’ve reached the point where I’m just shaking my head in disgust. Our bus system was never great, and it’s gotten worse, and it’s about to get bad.

I’m still an avid fan of mass transit – just not our mass transit. I’ll keep busing to work as long as I can.

Recently, I going into an online discussion about whether Seattle is “anti-transit” or not. I maintain that the city has nothing to do with it – King County Metro has made some bad “schedule over service” moves, and the voters of King County have voted down funding needed to maintain the system. I further argue that Seattle is doing what it can to improve the system, with bus lanes, timed traffic lights,  and bus stop bulbs.

I have no experience with Sound Transit – our region-wide system – other than Link Light Rail. And I love Link.

Yesterday, the driver of the 47 that took me home handed out candy to passengers as they boarded. It was her last day driving the 47 and, for her, the last day the 47 would exist.

Before I caught the 47 yesterday, I caught a 7 going up 3rd Avenue. As we waited for a traffic light, I saw a 14 on the opposite side of the intersection. I was reminded that before Metro chopped them up, either the 7 or the 14 could have given me a one-bus commute home from work. It made me a little sad.

I was hoping to ride a 25 from the U District to Downtown today. OneBusAway told me I’d have a 27-minute wait. So I caught a 43 instead. So, last Friday was my last ride on the 25. It’s not being cut completely, but it’s going to be peak-hours only,

I had my last ride on the 47 this evening.

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