Hits And Misses

Last night, Phillip and I went to a great burlesque show at Re-Bar. The show was a celebration of Violet’s 42nd birthday. So, naturally, the theme was The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy.

The show was named “Life, The Universe, and Pasties or Don’t Panic Violet Turns 42”.

The highlight of the show, for me, was the reading of Vogon Poetry (the third worst poetry in the universe) by “Zaphod Beeblebrox”, with interpretive dance. During a pause in the reading, in which the dancer got confused about some words (part of the act), Phillip yelled out: “Start over!” The audience burst into laughter, and Zaphod started over!

Another great highlight was Lilith Moon’s routine about tea. After it was over, it was revealed that the wrong song had been played. The routine was so well improvised, apparently, that no one in the audience seemed to notice anything wrong.

The first act was a musician named Aaron Joshua Shay, playing his vocal version of The Hitchhiker’s Theme Song, originally an instrumental by The Eagles, on banjo. Burlesque shows are always surprising.

There were vendors in the lobby before the show, as usual. A burlesque performer and teacher named Jacqueline Hyde was selling boxes of handcrafted tea bags. Phillip was interested in buying a box but assumed that, being a handcrafted item, he’d have to choose between “White Church” (Victorian rose chocolate tea) and “Showgirl Recovery” (cornflower and lavender black tea). It turned out they were only $5.50 for a 15-bag box. So, Phillip bought a box of each.

Phillip and I bought an enormous amount of raffle tickets again. I won a box of Jacqueline Hyde’s “Vinyl Victorian” (raspberry black tea) and Phillip won an electric flower hairpiece.

Meanwhile, there is a restaurant on Eastlake, not too far from where I used to work, named Pam’s Kitchen. It specializes in Caribbean food. We keep passing by it on our way up the hill, and have been meaning to try it someday. Some time ago, Phillip proposed the idea of taking a walk down the Lakeview overpass, and trying Pam’s Kitchen.

Today, during a break in our weekend cleaning, I suggested that it would be a good day for that walk. Phillip agreed. I checked the web site. The hours were listed for each day. The Saturday hours for both the Eastlake and the University District restaurants were: Noon to 3:00, 5:30 to 11:00.

I showed Phillip how I used to get to work with the least steep options down the hill. We walked along the scary/scenic side of the overpass.

We got to Pam’s Kitchen, and it was closed. The only sign in the window said “Will Return At”, with a clock pointing to noon. It was a little past one o’clock. It seemed to be neither a sudden nor a permanent closure – just a restaurant that wasn’t open. We were both a little angry. Phillip called the phone number in the window, but got a recording. He left a message saying that we’d stopped by for lunch.

We looked at it two ways: Either they had a poorly designed web site, or they met with unforeseen circumstances.

Rather than immediately walk back up the hill, we decided to find someplace to eat in Cascade. The only place we knew of was Lunchbox Laboratory. As we walked around, Phillip remembered Row House Cafe. We’ve been meaning to try it for a very long time.

Row House Cafe was serving brunch. The menu was small, but everything looked tempting. The prices were reasonable.

The food was delicious.

Unfortunately, the service was slow. It wasn’t busy enough to justify the slowness. I ordered a cup of coffee when the server brought us some water. The coffee came when the server brought us our menus, and was empty when the server took our order. It remained empty while we waited too long for our food. When the meals came, the server asked if I’d like more coffee, and I said yes. Halfway through my omelette, I had to flag the server down to ask for the coffee.

The server was friendly, and the food was good, so we tipped 20% despite the slow service.

After brunch, we walked toward Denny to catch an 8 bus up the hill. We weren’t sure if the 8 ran on Saturdays, though, with the service cuts in effect. Along the way, we kept looking for a car2go. (This was another time a smart phone would have come in handy.)

We didn’t see any cars2go, and an 8 was leaving just as we reached Denny. Phillip checked OneBusAway at the stop at Stewart Street. The next 8 was due in 10 minutes. So we waited, and the 8 arrived in 10 minutes.

Rather than ride the 8 directly home, we rode it to Broadway. We did some window shopping along Broadway before returning home for more cleaning.

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