Little Things

My sinuses have been clogged for a long time now. I wonder when I’m going to be able wake up and actually breathe.

Yesterday, I stole one of Phillip’s decongestants. It’s not something I usually do – take medicine, I mean. I quickly decided that the cure was worse than the disease. I was light-headed, dizzy, and feeling generally drugged, all day.

I was so out of it yesterday that when I stepped off the Link train at Pioneer Square Station, I held my employee badge against the ORCA card reader. I’m sure whoever was monitoring the security cameras got a chuckle out of that.

I didn’t take a decongestant today, but I did consider calling in sick this morning. Ultimately, though. I went to work. I remembered to hold my ORCA card against the ORCA card reader.

I got to work early, as I typically do. (I forgot to mention that detail in my last interview, when I was questioned about stress management. Getting to work early means that I’m not stressed out by little delays, and I start the day relaxed.) I bought a bowl of oatmeal from a Downtown shop, and got some coffee from the employee lunchroom. As usual, I spent my extra time at my desk, reading the news on Citylab, Facebook, and The Capitol Hill Blog.

I looked up at the clock and realized it was two minutes past my clock-in time. I’d lost track of the time. Technically, I wasn’t late. I have a generous amount of flex time built into my schedule. It just meant that I had to stay an extra two minutes at the end of the day.

I got to 4th & Pike just as a 43 was leaving. I didn’t bother checking OneBusAway. I just waited for whatever showed up next. After waiting a few minutes, a 49 arrived.

The 49 is not my favorite route home. It’s not bad, exactly, but there’s a level of energy and tension on the 49 that I don’t feel on the 43 – and I didn’t feel on the 47. Plus, the 49 takes the long way home. But I took the 49 home today. I got a seat, but it was standing-room-only. I exited at Broadway and walked home.

There’s a small apple tree near our apartment building. As I approached it on my way home, I saw a construction worker, on his way home from the apartment building being built on Summit Ave, pick an apple and bite into it as he walked toward his car. Somehow, that one little thing made my day.

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