Underwear And A Movie

I had a blog post planned out for today, about spotting the first Pronto! bike share stations, but then Phillip sent me a message late this afternoon, letting me know that Amélie was showing at The Egyptian at 6:30.

The historic Egyptian Theater is having its grand re-opening this weekend. The Egyptian, located in a 1916 Masonic Temple, used to be owned by Landmark Theaters. Then, about a year ago, Landmark closed The Egyptian. Now, the Seattle International Film Festival, with the help of Seattle Central Community College, has taken over, and The Egyptian is open again.

To celebrate the re-opening, SIFF is showing The Egyptian’s most popular films. Admission is $5.00 – or free if you bring in a recent receipt from a purchase at a Broadway business. (That is such a great way to show support for the community.)

So, as soon as I got home, I dropped off my bag, and then we walked over to Under U4 Men, where we each bought a $30 pair of underwear. Then we took a bus to The Egyptian.

During the speech before the movie, we learned that Amélie was The Egyptian’s longest-running film. It played for five continuous months, we were told, after it premiered.

Amélie is one of Phillip’s and my mutually favorite films. We used to have a copy on DVD, until we loaned it to someone who never returned it, and now we can’t remember who borrowed it. It was wonderful seeing it on the big screen.

After the movie, we had dinner at Lost Lake. Then we walked home.

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