So, this is what I wanted to post yesterday, before we bought underwear and saw Amélie.

Yesterday morning, as I was getting ready for work, I checked my email and found an alert from Metro Transit. Route 43, which I was planning to take to the U District, was rerouted between Bellevue & Pine and 15th & John. That reroute completely bypassed our neighborhood. Of course, these alerts never specify why a reroute is in effect. Yesterday’s alert called it a “disruption”.

I turned to The Capitol Hill Blog and learned that a vacant house on John Street, somewhere between 12th and 15th, had caught fire.

Phillip was planning to drive to work, so I rode in with him. Phillip stopped off at QFC along the way, and he pointed out the new Pronto! bike sharing station at Broadway & Harrison to me. It was the first one I had seen. There were no bicycles in it, yet, of course. The service hasn’t started yet.

Along the way to the U District, Phillip pointed out another Pronto! station, on Eastlake.

From Phillip’s office, I caught an employee shuttle to the medical center and walked to my office from there. (I should probably stop calling it an “employee shuttle”, since, obviously, it’s free for anyone to use. But I can’t think of what else to call it.)

While I was working in the U District, I received an email alert that the “disruption” was over, and the 43 was back on regular route. Still, I decided to catch the employee shuttle to First Hill instead, for no particular reason.

As we left the medical center, I spotted another Pronto! station.

I got to First Hill, with the intention of walking down to Downtown. But then a 4 bus arrived, and I caught it instead. As I boarded the bus, this occurred to me: It was nearly noon, I had been traveling from Capitol Hill to the University District to First Hill to Downtown, and it was the first time I’d used my ORCA card that day.

On my commute home, I found another Pronto! station, on 3rd & Pike, right around the corner from the bus stop.  It was the first Pronto! station I’d seen up close. I may never use a Pronto! bicycle, but I am excited about this transportation option coming to Seattle.

There has been no sign of that Pronto! station planned for our block. I’m back to thinking the plan was cancelled.

That’s what I had planned to write for yesterday’s post.

Last night, over dinner at Lost Lake, I told Phillip that I’m thinking about writing a piece of fiction based on my experiences with Kerbal Space Program. I called it my first “fan fiction”. Phillip seemed to like that idea.

This morning, I got up around 10:30 and started writing my “fan fiction” piece before I continued with the apartment sorting. (We’re finding all sorts of treasures stored away.) It was almost noon when Phillip got up. I was still writing, and I had done no sorting. I was still writing when Phillip realized it was 2:30. I stopped writing, and we went shopping for storage supplies at University Village.

I remembered, this time, to check the Husky football schedule before we left.

I haven’t finished my “fan fiction” yet.

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