Boxes Of Music

I spent most of the day today boxing up our CD collection. Some of the CDs were mine before I met Phillip. Some were Phillip’s before  he met me. Most of our collection was created together. I suppose that means that we’ve been together almost as long as Compact Discs have been around.

There is some duplication in our collection, but not much. Phillip has his musical tastes, and I have mine. (Isn’t that the way things are supposed to work?)

It looks like our collection is going to fill three 120-CD boxes just about perfectly.

I didn’t work on the project continuously, however. I took many, many breaks. I played The Sims 2 as I boxed. It’s a good game to play while you’re doing something else. It’s not as labor-intensive as, say, Kerbal Space Program.

Phillip took me out to lunch at Blue Moon Burgers. Then we walked over to the Capitol Hill Farmers’ Market. We bought some blueberries, and some cookies, and some mac & cheese from Melt.

Then it was back home for more boxing.

There are a lot of cassette tapes that still need to be dealt with.

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