This morning, as I walked to the bus stop, I spotted a car2go parked on Republican Street. It was facing away from me, so I couldn’t tell if it was available or not. On the next block, on Harrison Street, I spotted another parked car2go. It was facing toward me, and a bright green light was flashing in its windshield. It was too bad I don’t need a car2go on my way to work anymore.

(This weekend, Phillip ordered an Android smart phone from Tracfone. His current phone is dying, he says. Phillip is getting a smart phone before I am. Maybe the next time we’re wandering around, hoping to spot a car2go, his phone can tell us where they are.)

Phillip and I have been wondering what became of the plans for the Pronto! bicycle sharing station on our street. There was a notice of public use posted briefly, and then it vanished, and there’s been no sign of the station. My theory was that either the permit wasn’t granted or plans had changed. Then, yesterday, on our way home from the Farmers’ Market, we saw “No Parking” saw horses lining both sides of the street where the station had been planned. (Why both sides of the street? I’m guessing that one side was for the truck carrying the station to park.)

Phillip asked me to look it up when we got home. I did just that, and saw that the Pronto! web site has a nifty new “station location” map. It shows a station for our street.

This morning, that section of street was nearly vacant of cars.

As soon as I got to my desk this morning, a coworker walked over and asked me, “Did you go to some opening on Friday night, like a museum or something?”

I replied, “Yes, we went to the re-opening of The Egyptian Theater.”

My coworker said, “My husband and I saw you on the news!”

Then I remembered the guy with the news camera as my ticket was validated.

I was hoping to see a shiny new bike sharing station on our street, from the bus window as we passed by. Then I remembered: I don’t take the 47 anymore.

I did see a station from the window of the 43, in that triangle formed by Summit, Olive, and Denny.

Then, as I walked home, I saw the station on our street – in the exact spot where I saw my first non-demo car2go. I am so happy that I was wrong about the plans being changed.

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