Life’s Minor Problems

I’m still trying to reduce the amount of soft drinks I drink. (My favorite cocktail is still rum & Coke, however.) I’ve substituted either tea or beer, most of the time, when we go out to eat. Since I can’t drink beer at work, I usually get a bottle of iced tea when I buy lunch from the self-serve cafeteria. When I buy lunch from the food court, I opt for iced tea at the drink machine, if they have it.

Today, I decided to get a Dr Pepper from the cafeteria with my lunch today, just for a change. I brought my lunch back to my desk. I could not get the cap unscrewed from the Dr Pepper bottle. I got a coworker to try, but he couldn’t unscrew the cap, either. I kept trying it, throughout my lunch and the rest of the afternoon, but the cap wouldn’t budge.

I considered throwing the Dr Pepper away, taking it as a sign that I shouldn’t be buying soft drinks. But then the puzzle-solver in me decided to take it home with me. We have plenty of tools at home which might work.

I got home and told Phillip the story of the Dr Pepper bottle. He retrieved our rubber jar-opening tool and got the cap off in a couple of seconds.

Kerbal Space Program released a new update (0.25) today. I installed it as soon as I got home.

When the game started, I got a warning that MechJeb was incompatible. And yet the game ran, and MechJeb worked just fine.

The graphic settings had changed slightly, however. The text on the ship UI was larger than I liked. I changed the setting, clicked “Accept” and the game crashed.

I spend most of the evening trying to get KSP to run. As it started up, it froze as it was loading the parts for the Speedy’s Hex Truss System mod I’d installed.

I removed the Hex Truss parts folder, saving it to the desktop. The game froze as it was loading parts for the Chatterer mod I’d installed.

I removed the parts folders for both Chatterer and MechJeb, saving them to the desktop. Those were the only three mods I’d installed. I figured I may have to restart a new game, since I’d probably lose all the ships I had.

The game crashed, as it was starting, every time – even without the mods.

I turned to the KSP forums. I learned that the 0.25 update is unstable on the Windows x64 version, so they won’t be taking questions on it. (I’m not sure which version I’m running.)

With a little more searching, I learned how to revert the game to the last stable version in Steam. I followed the instructions, and the game started up just fine, in version 0.243.

I exited out of the game, and restored the three mods.

The game got to the very end of the startup, it was loading a Hex Truss part, and it crashed. I tried a second time, and the same thing happened.

I’m done trying to get KSP to run tonight. I hate computers.

4 thoughts on “Life’s Minor Problems

  1. I can sympathize about not getting things to work as they should. Having trouble gripping things, since my injury, I’ve had to ask for help even with getting simple bottle-tops opened. As for computers, they have become a necessary evil, to function in this society, it seems. And the more complex they make things, the more it ends up gumming up the works, because they don’t take the proper time to test it and work out the problems before releasing the “hot new” whatever. I hope KSB works for you, as it did seem to be something you were thoroughly enjoying, soon.

    • Thanks, and the thing I keep in mind about KSP is that is still an alpha release. It’s not even to version 1.0 yet. There are bugs to be worked out. Also, I should have heeded the warning about the mod being incompatible.

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