He’s Got Apps

As long as I’m with Phillip, I’m in the 21st century.

Elena informed me, earlier this week, that she’d be running the Equal Rights Washington booth at the Latino Pride celebration (“Orgulla”) at El Centro de La Raza today. She invited us to stop by. Phillip said that sounded like fun.

We had two good choices to get there this morning: Catch a bus to Westlake and take light rail to Beacon Hill Station, next door to El Centro de La Raza, or catch a 60 and walk a few blocks.

Phillip chose the 60, but he had another idea. He downloaded the car2go app to his new smart phone – which took longer than it should have, thanks to the terrible cell phone signal in our apartment. While we were waiting for it to download, Phillip checked the web site. There were no cars2go in the neighborhood. While the app was still downloading, we started walking up to Broadway to catch the 60.

The delay actually had a benefit. When Phillip started the download, it was pouring down rain outside. By the time we stepped outside, the rain had stopped and the sun was shining.

Less than a block after we stepped out of the apartment, the download finished, and Phillip had his first smart phone app. On our way to Broadway, Phillip downloaded his second app: OneBusAway.

We had a great time at Orgulla. (Funny side story: When Phillip heard “Latino Pride”, he thought “Proud to be Latino”. It wasn’t until we arrived that he figured out it was “Gay pride for Latinos”. I can completely understand that.) We had some delicious food, met a couple of great guys from Jake Talks, ran into an old friend, heard some great music, and, of course, visited with Elena.

After Orgulla, Phillip and I walked over to Baja Bistro and had an early dinner.

After dinner, Phillip tried out his new car2go app. It told us that a car was just a few blocks away. We each tried to log in, to reserve it, but the app would accept either login. After the frustration settled down, we walked over and the car was still there. We drove it home.

Then, this evening, the 5-year old modem on our desktop computer died. Our ISP is shipping us a new one. I hate computers.

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