Phillip and I had been invited to a get-together last night at Schilling Cider House, in Fremont. This is the same group of friends that does karaoke nights in Greenwood.

After the frustrations of getting Phillip’s smart phone set up, and my bitterness over not getting Kerbal Space Program to run anymore, and the modem on the desktop dying, I told Phillip that I was not in the mood to go out. Phillip was not in a great mood, either, but said that we should at least go and make an appearance, since we’d missed the last karaoke night.

So we went, and I had a good time.

Schilling Cider House has an interesting setup. It has rotating taps of 32 varieties of cider. You can order a glass of your favorite cider, try a new flavor – or you can order a sampler of six ciders, that are served on a wooden board, with holes cut in it for the six glasses. You can pick which six ciders you want, or you can order the “Bartender’s Flight”, and have them choose the six for you.

I had the Bartender’s Flight.

Phillip and I stayed for over two hours, and had lots of great conversations.

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