Fan Fiction From Someone Who’s No Longer A Fan

Yesterday’s car2go trip from Beacon Hill was an indulgence – a chance to try out Phillip’s new app, and a quick way home. We knew it would cost much more than a bus ride, but sometimes we spend money for convenience. When we got home yesterday, I checked my account on the web site. It was a 20-minute, 4-mile drive, and it cost $0.00. Maybe the system was down, or was experiencing some slowness.

I checked again this morning, and the cost of the drive was still $0.00. I looked at my “Free Minutes” balance, and discovered that I had 30 free minutes I had been unaware of. Apparently, it had something to do with the launch of car2go in Brooklyn. So that indulgence wasn’t an indulgence after all. And I still have 10 free driving minutes left.

I finished my Kerbal Space Program “fan fiction” this morning and brought it to Writers’ Group today.

I explained to the group what Kerbal Space Program is, and how much I loved playing it. I explained that I’d written the piece as a work of fan fiction. I also explained that, part-way through writing the piece, Kerbal Space Program stopped working for me.

I told the group that I tried to philosophical about it and say, “It’s only a computer game, and I it was fun while it lasted”. I admitted to the group that, honestly, I was feeling bitter and angry about losing everything I had built in the game, but that I decided to finish the piece anyway.

I told the group, “So, this is now fan fiction from someone who’s no longer a fan.”

I read the piece to Writers’ Group, but my heart just wasn’t into it. I think the reaction was lukewarm – it got none of the laughs it got from Phillip. Barbara commented that it sounded like an article from Scientific American. (In other words, too many facts and figures.) That was fine with me.

I told Alan, last night at the cider house, about my troubles with Kerbal Space Program. He seemed to agree with me that the 0.25 update upped the graphics to the point that my laptop can no longer handle it.

So, one option is to try to run KSP in 0.25, and keep toning the graphics quality down until maybe the game will stop crashing. It will probably look horrible at that point. I’d lose almost everything I’d saved, since, so far, none of the mods are working with it.

The other option is to bring the game back to 0.24 and be stuck in an outdated game until something improves. For reasons I don’t understand, the mods don’t work there anymore, and it tells me that it can’t load any of my saved games. So, I’d still lose everything.

Or I could just give up on Kerbal Space Program for now.

4 thoughts on “Fan Fiction From Someone Who’s No Longer A Fan

  1. I feel bad for you, for losing your video game. I know how much you loved it – ultimate escapism.

    But, who knows. Maybe new ones have come out that you’d like just as much – in a different way.

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