Passwords: Love ’em, Hate ’em

I got into work this morning, after being off for four days, and saw that I had a voice mail message on my phone. This is the first voice mail message I’ve had on my work phone since we moved Downtown, almost nine months ago. I don’t know what my voice mail password is. I searched through my collection of Post-It notes (yes, IT Services, I know I’m not supposed to write my password down, but how else am I supposed to remember my assortment of ever-changing passwords?) until I found a string of numbers. That had to be it. But it wasn’t.

The majority of calls I receive at work are wrong numbers – and there haven’t been many of those. If it was a work-related call, they’d send me an email after hearing my voice mail message. So I didn’t worry about it. It’s entirely possible that my voice mail password got reset when my phone was moved to my new desk.

Someday, I’ll figure out who to contact to get my voice mail password.

I’m still not feeling well. It’s unusual for me to be sick for this long. I decided, this morning, to make an appointment to see my doctor. I went to the clinic’s online appointment site, but couldn’t remember my password. I tried a couple of things I thought might be the password, but nothing worked. Of course, I could have called the clinic, but I decided to wait until I got home, where I knew where the password was written down. (I’m home now, and the appointment has been made. It turned out that it wouldn’t have made a difference if I had stumbled upon the right password, since I was remembering my user name incorrectly.)

Several months ago, I was given a side project – to be the backup for a coworker. I was given access to a secure database, and I set up a password. I’m not sure what happened, but nothing ever came of it. I wasn’t given the training, and I never actually used the secure database. Today, out of the blue, I was told that the side project was on again, and I was to be trained this afternoon. But, of course, what was that password I set up?

I went back to my collection of Post-It notes and began trying passwords, afraid that I’d get blocked for trying too many times. But, I did hit upon the correct password – which, I was told, had expired. So, I set a new password, and added a new Post-It note to my collection.

Today was the official launch of Pronto! Bike Share. I’ve seen bicycles in the racks, and have yet to see one on the road – except on the news.

Today, The City of Seattle officially replaced Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples’ Day. I think this is great news. I got into minor arguments with two people, both offended by this, on social media – neither of them live in Seattle.

To be honest, I hadn’t seen a big change in the buses since Metro’s service cuts – until today. We’ve having fall-like weather – overcast, blustery, cool, with a threat of rain. The 43 was packed on the way Downtown, and it was standing-room only on the ride home to Capitol Hill. Obviously, people are less willing to walk, and the buses are going to get more packed.

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