It’s A Lovely Fall Day

It not only felt like Fall today, it looked like Fall in Seattle. The trees below our office windows were starting to change colors. Updrafts were blowing leaves in every direction outside our office, like confetti during a parade. The sky was gray. It’s my favorite time of year. Soon, I’ll be wearing sweaters again.

I finally got around to having my voice mail pass code reset at work. I created a new code and added a Post-It note to my collection. Whoever called hung up without leaving a message. So much for that.

There was a guy sitting on his backpack near my bus stop this evening. He was holding a stick as if it was a fishing pole. He’d tied a string to the pole, and had tied a coffee cup to the end of the string. He’d attached a cardboard sign on the string. The sign said, “Fishing for kindness.” I thought it was so clever that, of course, I couldn’t resist helping him “catch” a dollar.

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