Slight Strangeness

The SD card that Phillip ordered for his spiffy new smart phone arrived yesterday, and we spent the evening tried to get the original one out and the new one in. With the new card in (more storage!), we spent the majority of the night transferring stuff from the old phone to the new one, after figuring out how to do it.

As he was leaving for the bus this morning, Phillip mentioned that he not longer had the text message with my library card number in it – that’s still on the old phone. I thought that was an odd thing to remember, since I’ve gotten in the habit of borrowing eBooks, and it’s been a very long time since I’ve asked Phillip to pick up a hold for me.

At lunch today, I checked on a hold I had at the library. It had arrived, earlier than I’d expected. It’s a physical book – An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth, by Col. Chris Hadfield. I sent Phillip a text message, with my library card number, and asked him to pick it up on his way home. (He did, of course.)

I wonder what made Phillip think of that this morning. I hadn’t told him I had anything on hold.

It was one of those “I keep looking at my watch because nothing feels right” commutes this morning. I just missed a 43 when I got to Olive Way, and when the next one arrived, 8 minutes later, there were more empty seats than full. The Westlake Station platform was jammed full of tourists waiting for the Link train. In contrast, Pioneer Square Station was empty, except for a few people on the opposite platform and a guy eating a banana on the upper level.

The Real Change vendor across the street from City Hall was not at his usual spot this morning. He’s there every morning, but not this morning. He’s improved his sales pitch in the past few weeks. I haven’t seen that nice lady selling Real Change outside of Westlake Station in a long time. I may start buying from the City Hall guy.

The modem on the desktop stopped working, again, last night. I told Phillip that if it’s not here today, I’m going to call our ISP and ask what’s up. As I was leaving work today, I got a text message from Phillip. FedEx couldn’t deliver the modem because our ISP forgot to put an apartment number on the shipping address. I’d have to drive to south Seattle to pick it up.

That news put me in a foul mood. It had been a stressful day (not in a bad way). I’d been tackling a tough new side project. I was exhausted, and I was dreading the drive through Seattle rush hour traffic.

I got home, and saw that on the “sorry we missed you” slip, it said that I could arrange to have my package held at another FedEx facility. So I went online and asked to have the modem held at the FedEx shop on Broadway. Instantly, I felt better. The internet is a good thing sometimes.

It’s going to be another night of sharing the laptop. But, I have books to read.

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