I’m At It Again

So, I’ve created a photo blog to fill the void left when I got tired of “Adrift On The Shore”. This one’s called “Amazing and Ordinary“.  This time, I’m not placing restrictions on it. This time, I’m not promising to post a photo every day. This time, it’s not about my neighborhood. It’s not about anything. I’m going to post whenever something strikes my fancy – even if that happens three times in one day.

I’ll see how it goes.

Phillip went to a NorWesCon meeting this morning. I spent some time playing Diablo III. Then I went up to Broadway and had lunch at Phở Than Brothers. (Phillip wasn’t impressed with the restaurant the one time we went, but I liked it.) As I was getting ready to leave, I put the camera in my coat pocket. I forgot to bring a book to read during lunch, however.

Thus, a bowl of phở became the first photo on my new blog.

I did some window-shopping on Broadway before walking home.

I saw three people riding Pronto bikes today, and none of them were wearing helmets. (King County has a bicycle helmet law.)

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