Role Playing

As I got ready to head out the door this morning, I remembered, at the last minute, to bring the camera, for that other new blog of mine. I’m going to get in that habit again, even though I’ve committed to not feeling obligated to posting a photo every day.

I dropped our ballots in the mailbox on my way to the bus stop this morning – forgetting, once again, that I could have walked a few blocks out of my way and dropped it off at the ballot box Downtown, and saved a couple of stamps. But it’s no big deal, really. It’s only a couple of stamps.

I walked over to the world’s Seattle’s highest Starbucks today, and took some photos for my other blog. I posted two, here, at “Amazing and Ordinary”.

This morning, Phillip emailed me and asked me to pick up a handful of dog treats at Mud Bay. I didn’t ask why. I stopped in on my way home. I decided that I should have a cover story, in case I had to ask for “a handful of dog treats”. (Besides, how would I explain that I didn’t really know why I was buying dog treats?) As I was looking around, a friendly employee asked if I needed help. I told him we’d be watching a friend’s dog for a couple of days, and I wanted to buy some dog treats, but not too many. I considered it role playing, and it got me what I’d been asked to get.

This evening, I got into a Facebook discussion about voting at the polls versus mail-in voting. (Washington is a mail-in voting only state.) There are benefits to either system, but I personally prefer mailing my ballot. Anyway, it brought back memories of filling in our ballots at the ocean, and dropping them off at the Ocean Park Post Office. Due to a vacation freeze at work, this is the second time we’ve missed our annual vacation to the ocean, since we began in 2003.

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