Today, this weekend became less busy. I was looking forward to visiting Pamela in her new house in Arlington tomorrow. I was even looking forward to the long drive – a chance to explore some new roads. But things came up, and we’ll see the new place some other day.

I’m enjoying The Handmaid’s Tale a lot. It’s a good book. But the things I’m reading on Facebook these days (I have a lot of politically motivated friends) are making events in the novel seem all too believable. That’s depressing. Maybe I shouldn’t be reading both at the same time.

I opted to take the 43 to the U District this morning, rather than ride in with Phillip. I was merely in the mood for a morning bus ride.

When it came time to leave the U District and get Downtown, I realized that, with the 25 gone, I have three good options left. I could ride the 43 over Capitol Hill to Westlake and transfer to something the rest of the way. I could walk over to the medical center and ride the shuttle to First Hill, and find my way down the hill. Or I could walk across the university campus and ride a 70 through South Lake Union to within a few blocks of my office.

All three options have their advantages, and all three offer excellent photographic opportunities for my other blog.

It was the 70 today.

I’m working overtime until the end of the month, so I haven’t been riding my usual buses, so there’s an advantage to the longer hours.

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