Questions And Answers

Phillip and I drove to Ballard today and saw Gone Girl at The Majestic Bay. We saw it in the large, main theater on the first floor. Except for a few seconds of Guardians of The Galaxy, it was the first movie we’d seen in The Majestic Bay’s main theater.

We both enjoyed the movie a lot. We agreed that the security cameras was a big plot hole, but not big enough to ruin the movie for us.

Afterwards, we had lunch at Ballard’s Po Dog. Then I drove us home along 45th, through Wallingford. On a whim, Phillip suggested we stop into Wine World. He wanted to look for a bottle of Zombie Zin, which he’d seen online. An employee there was very helpful, but couldn’t locate the wine, either in the store or in the wine database.

While we were at Wine World, I looked for that pumpkin ale. I still cannot remember the name of it, and I didn’t see it on the shelves.

Phillip and I have a game, of sorts, that we like to play. (It’s not really a game, it just feels like it.) Phillip will come up with a question – such as, Is there snow in Mexico?, or, Why do we have to pull off that tab at the top of our mail-in ballots before we return them?, or, today’s question on the way to Ballard, Why are women more likely to get breast cancer than men? – and I will try to find the answer. I enjoy it.

Yes, there is snow in Mexico, especially in the mountains.

The tabs have a tracking number to confirm that all ballots have been sent out, and that every voter gets one. The tabs are removed after voting so completed ballots can’t be traced back to the voter.

Woman tend to have more breast tissue than men.

Right before the movie started, Phillip had an answer to a question I hadn’t asked. The Majestic Bay is owned by Elttaes Theaters. (As far as we know, it’s the only theater Elttaes owns.) Their logo appears before every movie showing at The Majestic Bay. I’d always assumed that “Elttaes” is a French word. Today, Phillip informed me today that “Elttaes” is “Seattle” spelled backwards.

2 thoughts on “Questions And Answers

  1. Security cameras in a theater? Wow.

    Women “bind” themselves with straps and such, too. Plus, contraceptions cause problems, i.e. pills.

    Just got offered some pumpkin ale in Fresh Market 15 minutes ago.

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