“The Best First Day On The Job Ever!”

Phillip and I went to Brian and Kathi’s house today for a day of role-play gaming. Honestly, it went better than I thought it would. In fact, I had a blast!

The game was “Mage: The Ascension“. I didn’t really understand the concept of the game when I created my character. Then two people dropped out, there were scheduling conflicts, two people joined, and a year went by until we were finally able to get together today. I didn’t remember much about my character, and even less about what the game was supposed to be. Thus, this morning’s apprehension. Once things got going, I really got into it.

Here’s our story so far:

A 15-year-old sex slave (Phillip), a mage of the Dreamspeakers, is being kept in the penthouse at The Edgewater Inn by a Dutch Company owned by a Japanese conglomerate. He begins meditating and finds himself spiritually linked to the computer of a hacker (Kathi), a mage of the Virtual Adepts, on Queen Anne Hill. Neither one understands how this is happening. The hacker figures out the sex slave’s location, and decides to rescue him.

Meanwhile, a drifter (me), who lost everything in Hurricane Katrina, and is a mage of the Hollow Ones, having arrived in Seattle only two days earlier, lands a job in a Pike Place Market shop owned by a Chinese herbalist/acupuncturist/physician (Digi), who is a mage of an unknown Tradition.

A detective with The Seattle Police Department (Daniel), a mage of The Celestial Chorus, comes into the shop, looking for clues to the kidnapping of his daughter.

Meanwhile, the hacker decides to create a distraction, in order to rescue the sex slave, by setting off the hotel’s fire alarms.

The herbalist and his new employee decide to take a lunch break together, hear the fire alarms, and decide to go offer assistance. (There was some debate during the game about how far The Edgewater Inn is from Pike Place Market.) The detective also goes to investigate.

The hacker, the sex slave, the detective, the herbalist, and the drifter find each other and decide to go back to the herbalist’s shop, where the sex slave can be examined for injuries, and where the detective can investigate how the sex slave came to be there.

“This is the best first day on the job ever!” said the drifter.

They soon discover that they are all being tracked by a secret government agency tasked with fighting against magic. They escape, using a combination of magic and computer skills, to the hacker’s condominium on Queen Anne Hill. There, they discover that the five of them are linked, not only by magic, but by past life experiences.

And that’s where the game ended today.

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