Penguin In A Bar

I’m not big on Halloween. I don’t usually dress up. This year was no exception.

Phillip, however, loves Halloween. It’s his favorite holiday.

For eight of the past ten years, we’ve either been at the ocean or just back from the ocean on Halloween and too tired to go out anywhere. We didn’t go to the ocean this year.

Phillip bought a penguin costume from Amazon and wore it to work on Friday. It was a huge hit at work, he told me. He posted a photo of himself in the costume on Facebook, and it received a lot of Likes. He didn’t understand it, and neither did I. It was a fun costume, but there wasn’t anything special about it – he wore it right out of the package without modifying it at all.

Still, the costume was such a hit, for whatever reason, that Phillip wanted to wear it out in public on Halloween night.

A car2go showed up a block from our apartment. I reserved it. Phillip got dressed up in his penguin costume, and we drove to the Pike/Pine neighborhood. (After circling a few blocks looking for a parking spot, it was a 15 minute trip – 10 of which were free.)

We went to Purr and hung around. We looked for someone in a Batman costume, so Phillip could get a photo of the arch-enemies together. We couldn’t find Batman.

(It wasn’t a costume of The Penguin – just an ordinary penguin with a red bow tie.)

We walked over to Unicorn & Narwhal and played several games of pinball. Then we walked over to Lost Lake and had dinner. Then we walked home.

Even though there were hundreds of costumed people walking along Broadway, Phillip’s penguin costume seemed to be getting special attention. We heard the word “penguin” several times from people passing by. A group of guys in a car called out a friendly hello to the penguin.

What’s so special about a penguin costume from Amazon?

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