Navigating Old School

We finally made it to Pamela’s new house in Arlington today. Phillip drove us there.

We had her address written on a piece of paper. I’d looked it up on Google Maps the last time we’d planned to visit, but didn’t, so I knew it would be fairly easy to get there. It was just one freeway exit and three turns, but those turns were miles apart and easy to miss. I programmed the route into our TomTom.

Before we left Capitol Hill, our TomTom died. It was about eight years old. It had been dying for some time now.

I was pretty sure of the freeway exit, but I didn’t remember the streets we needed to turn on. Neither one of us knew the area. If we took a wrong turn, we’d be lost.

Phillip suggested we try to figure out the navigation on his new smart phone. I had a better idea. I retrieved our 2010 Thomas Guide (a relic from our geocaching days) and navigated old school. I got us there by reading a paper map. We got there with no mishaps.

I had a good time with Pamela, as well as Mop, Bandit, and LadyBug. We had a 31-ingredient salad and a pork roast. While Pamela gave Phillip a massage, I took a walk.

I enjoyed being in a house on a bit of land – to be able to step outside and still be “home”. I think if I were to live in such isolation for too long, however, I’d be miserable. I enjoy having things within walking distance.

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