Watching Local

Yesterday, while I was reading The Capitol Hill Blog, I saw an ad saying that Interstellar was playing at The Egyptian Theater. I sent a message to Phillip, and he suggested that we go see it that night. It’s a movie we’ve both been wanting to see.

I bought tickets online and we caught a 49 bus to the theater last night.

It made me feel good that because of an advertisement in a local publication, we were seeing a movie in a local theater. (Shopping local at its best!)

The movie started at 7:00. (It was rare for us to see a movie that wasn’t a matinée.) It ended a little past 10:00. We weren’t sure if Rancho Bravo would be open that late. If it wasn’t , Lost Lake is across the street, and it’s always open. We discovered that Rancho Bravo is open until 3 AM.

After a great movie and great Mexican food, we caught a 49 home.

We both loved Interstellar. We didn’t think the acting was as flat as some early reviews had claimed. The photography was beautiful, the story was fascinating, and the science was intriguing. We were both surprised by the ending. And I am glad we saw the movie when we did, before the spoilers start showing up.

Today, Phillip and I played the Firefly™ board game, which we bought this week. Phillip had played it once before. It was my first time. It took us two hours to set the game up and read through the rules, and then another hour to play it. Even as we played it, we had to keep the rule book handy. It’s one of those games. It was well worth the effort. It’s a fun strategy game.

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