Good Eating On The Hill

Today was the last day of me covering on First Hill – until next time. I caught the 60 bus, as usual, and, as usual, the 9 bus arrived at the stop about a minute before it. This lack of spacing between bus arrivals is one of my continuing gripes about Metro. I saw this problem with the 47 arriving at Bellevue & Republican at 7:03 in the morning and the 43 arriving at Olive & Summit at 7:04. I saw it back when I worked on First Hill at my previous job – in the evenings, the 60 would arrive on 9th Avenue and the 9 would arrive four blocks away, within minutes of each other.

With a little staggering of schedules, one route can serve as an alternative for another. If you miss the 60, you can go catch the 9. Two every-half-hour routes can serve as one every-fifteen-minutes route for that area that the routes overlap. But Metro has it planned so that if you miss one, you miss them both, and all you can do is wait for the next one.

I’ve made that point in rider surveys before.

Anyway, I didn’t miss the 60 this morning. When I got to First Hill, I had a veggie omelette and apple juice for breakfast.

During my morning break, I walked over to Diva Espresso and had a genera. It’s a mocha with fresh orange zest and a sliver of orange rind in the bottom of the cup. I’ve recently discovered it, and it instantly became my favorite thing at Diva Espresso.

I was still working on First Hill when lunchtime came. I had a fantastic lunch of a rosemary pork chop, brown rice, and cooked carrots. The iced tea selection didn’t thrill me, so I had a root beer to wash it down.

With a full belly, I walked down the hill and arrived Downtown just in time for a staff meeting.

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