That Weekend Feeling

Phillip and I began our shared day off today by going to the laundromat. We weren’t sure how busy the place would be on a Tuesday morning. We accepted the idea that we may end up driving our dirty laundry back home. It was busy, but not crowded.

I enjoyed eavesdropping on the older couple having a lively conversation entirely in Spanish. I could understand only every fifth word, or so, but it was a pleasant conversation. They seemed comfortable with each other, and seemed to care for each other.

The fact that the laundromat had an attendant, who seemed to be genuinely enjoying her job, on the premises should have cemented the idea that today was not the weekend. But it didn’t. It felt like a weekend all day.

After we got home and put our clean laundry away, we went to Blue Moon Burgers for lunch. Then we went shopping on Broadway: gadgets at urban Outfitters, socks at Mishu, and decongestants and printer paper at Rite Aid.

Tonight, Phillip and I began working on our wills.


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