Now, Where Was I?

When I went to bed last night, my hold on The Handmaid’s Tale was still at 2 of 12.

When I logged onto the desktop this morning, I was greeted by an email from the library, letting me know that my hold was ready for download. I booted up the laptop, downloaded the eBook into Adobe Digital Editions and then uploaded it into my Kobo Mini. (It’s a confusing system, at first, but once you figure it out, it’s quick and easy.)

But… Where in the book was I when it expired last time? (This seems to be an advantage books have over eBooks. With a book, I could have written down the page number before I returned it to the library.) I remembered that I was over 60% of the way through it. I remembered that I might have been reading a chapter named “Night” – but there are several chapters named “Night”.

With a Kobo Mini, there is a way to go directly to a chapter, and a way to go to a specific page, but no way to go to a percentage.

On the bus ride to the U District this morning (Phillip took the day off) I opened The Handmaid’s Tale to what I thought was the right page and started reading. When I realized I’d read that part before, I skipped ahead a few pages, and so on. When we reached the Montlake Bridge, right before the medical center, I reached the spot where I’m sure I’ve reached unread pages.

I’m 67% through the book.

I caught a 43 bus from the U District to Downtown. I knew then that I was reading unread pages. I’m loving this book. It’s depressing, for sure, but it’s a great novel.

We had an especially good bus driver on that 43 to Downtown. He weaved his way around Capitol Hill traffic smoothly and confidently.

There were quite a few non-working LEDs on the right-hand side of the front “Next Stop” display on the 43 to Downtown.

It was standing-room only on the 43 home this evening. I was one of the standing, so I didn’t get any reading done. The same LEDs were out on the front “Next Stop” display. It was a different driver, but it might have been the same bus.

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