Flipper Action

I finished The Handmaid’s Tale, by Margaret Atwood, last night. I absolutely loved this book. The story is believable, in a scary sort of way – especially when I compare it to the postings I see on Facebook these days. I loved the language of the book – It’s a story told from one person’s point of view, as events unfold, and, of course, one person can’t know all the reasons behind those events. People disappear in the story, and we never know why. The broader political scope is learned only by word of mouth.

What intrigued me most about The Handmaid’s Tale is the structure of the book. It is, like I said, one person’s story, told from their point of view. Then, suddenly, it switches to events sometime after the handmaid’s tale is found. The finders don’t know who the handmaid was, or who any of the other people in the story were. Research is done, and we, the reader, learn a little bit more about the events of the time – but we still don’t know everything.

Then, this morning, on Facebook, I discovered Margret Atwood’s guide to surviving a zombie apocalypse.

I slept past 10:00 this morning. Apparently, I needed the sleep, but I also felt like I overslept.

Today, Phillip and I caught a 49 bus to Westlake, and then a Link train to the International District. Then we walked over to the Seattle Pinball Museum. This is one of the best museums in Seattle. We paid our admission and then played the exhibits for over an hour.

Pinball is a game that I enjoy very much, despite not being very good at. Phillip is very, very good at pinball.

Today, the museum had one of my favorite pinball games: “Tales of The Arabian Nights”. It was also the only game I beat Phillip at.

They also had another of my favorite games: “Star Trek: The Next Generation”. But it was out of order today.

We didn’t play many of the older games.

After pinball, we caught a Link train to University Street Station. We walked to Office Depot, where we bought a new cartridge for our printer. We had lunch at Veggie Grill, and then caught a 49 bus home.

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