Cell Phones Off

Phillip and I scored free passes to an advance screening of Mockingjay Part 1 at Pacific Place tonight. We both went there directly after work, and got our position in line. It was a two-and-a-half hour wait. We took turns going to get something to eat, while the other person held our place in the line.

Twice, employees walked down the aisle informing us that we had to turn off our cell phones, and all other electronic devices, before we entered the theater.

When the doors opened, and people found seats, cell phones came back on. Theater employees walked up and down the aisle telling everyone that cell phones, and all other electronic devices, had to be turned off. People turned their cell phones off.

When the announcement was made that the movie would be starting ten minutes late, people turned their cell phones back on.

At the risk of sounding like an old man, I thought it was rather sad. Are people that addicted to their phones that they need every spare minute with them? The woman in the seat ahead of us was doing nothing but looking at memes on Facebook and taking selfies.

The theater lights dimmed, and a man with a rather forceful voice informed us that anyone caught with their cell phone, or any other electronic device, on with be escorted out of the theater.

Mockingjay Part 1 was excellent! We both loved it. It was well acted, well filmed, gut-wrenching, and funny. I have nothing negative to say about it.


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