One Less Voice

Yesterday, Phillip asked me if I’d be joining the rally on Capitol Hill – the one awaiting Missouri’s grand jury decision. (He said he’d support me if I did.) I was thinking I just might. I’ve participated in several public demonstrations, and I’m proud that I was there to add my voice. Ultimately, though, I stayed home last night. I told myself there was too much uncertainty involved. I wasn’t certain what the grand jury would decide, and I wasn’t sure what the demonstration would become as a result.

The truth was, I was tired, and it was raining. Those poor excuses. I’ve marched in the rain before. And now, seeing news of the demonstrations across the country, I regret my decision to stay home. It would have been fun, and it would have been important.

3 thoughts on “One Less Voice

    • It is a lot of fun, really. You meet lots of people, and get to take a walk through the city. It’s like a street fair with a purpose.

      I’m referring, of course, to the lawful demonstrations, not to the looters who show up after the demonstrators have gone home.

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