As I told Colin today, I’ve spent the majority of the past two days in my pajamas. The laziness has felt good.

Phillip and I drove up to Colin and Sam’s place today for an afternoon of Firefly (the board game) and lasagna. Sam and Colin made the lasagna. It turns out that Sam is a very good cook.

We promised Colin that the next time we visit, we’ll bring our DVD of Serenity, since he’d seen only couple of episodes of Firefly – and Sam hadn’t seen it at all – so, while they seemed to enjoy the game, it was obvious that they didn’t get some of the references. Phillip was happy to have both Kaylee and River Tam on his ship – and we had to explain that this was a good thing.

Colin and Sam are a cute couple. It makes me happy to see them together.

So, what have I been doing while I’m lounging around in my PJs? Playing The Sims 2, mostly.

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