Snow To Look At

On our way up to Sam and Colin’s place yesterday, we saw snowflakes hitting our windshield. As we exited the freeway at 130th, we saw snow in the air, but none on the ground. When we left their place, there was no sign of snow at all.

I had been up for a long time before I logged onto Facebook this morning. I saw a post from Northwest Cable News, showing a photo of snow at Seattle Center. I opened our living room curtain and looked down at the street. There was snow covering the tops of cars, and snow in the trees – but none on the ground. I was surprised.

I got dressed, grabbed our camera, and went outside. Snow covered the Pronto bikes. It seemed like a good photo for my other blog. I knelt down to get a good shot, then realized that I was facing the sun. So I went to the other side of the bikes – there was no snow on that side. (Was there enough sun to melt it?) I went back to the other side. I think I got a good shot.

It was very cold outside. I walked down the street to Top Pot and bought an Ovaltine latte to go. While the barista was making it, I heard a catchy song playing. I asked what it was, and the barista said it was Rilo Kiley, but he didn’t know the name of the song.

I hoped I wouldn’t forget the song before I got home. There was no chance of that. All the way home, the line “Ooooh, and, it feels good to be free” was stuck in my head – over and over and over.

As soon as I got home, I downloaded “Breakin’ Up” into my iPod.

The song has these clever lines: “Am I breakin’ up? / Are we breakin’ up?”

This afternoon, Phillip and I played a long game of Firefly.

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